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We work in sync to upgrade your spaces into a vivaciously smarter ones with our innovative solutions, crafted with cutting-edge technology! We efficiently deliver the most technologically advanced products for your spaces that make your lives faster, better and more comfortable in the technology-driven era. So get ready to seamlessly control your abode and turn it into a super connected space with just a single fingertip or with voice assistants and make your space convenient, and safe and upgrade it into a smarter one.


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The secret to our unmatchable quality and standard of products is that we understand your needs. We are committed to upgrading your space into a smarter one by addressing your specific requirements and working on it with a highly driven passion.


We thoughtfully design automation solutions that are convenient to use and are equipped with precision in their engineering that co-operatively aims to bring excellence toward smart automation architecture.


We build products that feel like a majestic experience with their innovative technologies, super functionality, great quality and unmatchable ease of monitoring.

Choose the smarter way to illuminate your abode

Get ready for a majestic experience with our smart lights that enable you to monitor every lighting piece remotely, save energy consumption, dim the lights according to one's mood or change the colour settings of lights that serve several options to choose for. This is the beauty of our smart lights which is just more than monitoring or saving energy. It gives you a whole new level of lighting experience with its smart features. So get ready to feel the legacy of smarter lighting today with Techvault!

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Feedback from our clients.

"I have recently upgraded my home with products from the Techvault team. And I am amazed at the functionality and easy usage of the products, their service and installation process were also very good. I am happy with the customized solutions provided by the team of techvault, for my new smart home."

— Vishal Soni

"I have recently purchased the audio system from team Techvault, and I am moved by the sound system and the great functionality of the product. Their excellent sound quality, design, and custom functionality have made me have for the sound system. I recommend it to everyone."

— Mr. Aaditya

"I have switched to Techvault smart lights very recently, and this is the perfect decision I made for my home. They are easy to monitor, and efficiently function with their smart sensoring system. I'm very satisfied with their service and products. "

— Anukriti Saxena

"Techvault has offered their smart curtains as per our requirements. I would like to thank the techvault team, for the speedy handling of the order. I am truly satisfied with the product quality, functionality and installation process. I am impressed by their service and wish techvault all the best for future endeavours "

— Vishal Khandelwal

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